Corded Blinds

Corded Blinds

Corded blinds can be difficult to find and purchase, but at Blind Wholesaler in Las Vegas we have a large inventory available at wholesale prices. Our selection spans a variety of materials and styles that will offer a beautiful touch to your home or office.

New Safety Regulations

As of December 2018, there are new safety recommendations for selling corded blinds from traditional retailers. Pull cords have been the cause of numerous fatalities among infants and toddlers. This is mostly due to unsafe cord lengths.

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association has recommended that box store retailers no longer offer corded blinds because of the risk to young children. Box stores cannot provide the option of safe, custom installation, So, most err on the side of safety and have switched to cordless options.

We Install Corded Blinds Safely

At Blind Wholesaler, we still offer corded blinds because we install all of our window coverings with window blind cord safety in mind. Our installation technicians ensure that all blinds with cords are at the proper length, and with appropriate safety features installed.

More Inventory At Blind Wholesaler

Because many big box and home improvement stores are no longer offering long corded mini blinds, we are your source for inventory at the lowest possible wholesale prices. When you buy corded vinyl blinds from us, you are receiving the best products on the market.

Here are just some of the corded blind types we have available:

Buy Corded Blinds In Las Vegas

When you choose to buy corded blinds from Blind Wholesaler, you are getting not only beautiful window coverings, but exemplary customer service and safe installs. Contact us today to begin selecting the right window coverings for your home or office.

We can’t wait to help you choose the best blinds, shutters or shades for you.