Security Window Film

Security Films Las Vegas

Choose Blind Wholesaler for security window film in Las Vegas. Security films are an adhesive coating, which is placed over the windows of your home or business. Made with polyester or PET material, this film provides an additional barrier over the glass and will help hold your windows together.

Why Security Film?

Consider security window film for your home in Las Vegas. Security window film helps to prevent break-ins and storm damage. In the event that there is a break in attempt on your home or business, the security film on your glass doors and windows will help keep the glass in one piece, preventing entry. If severe weather threatens your home or business, security film will provide an additional barrier of protection and will help to hold the glass in one piece. Even if the glass shatters, it will be contained to one area and intact as opposed to scattering all over the floor.

Custom Cuts & Shapes

When you choose Blind Wholesaler for security window film in Las Vegas, we will explain the many options that we offer. If you have custom shaped glass doors or windows, we will custom cut the film to layer over the glass. This will add an additional barrier of protection. If you need custom cut security film in Las Vegas for your home, office or business, we provide professional installation.

A Worthwhile Investment

Security window film is a worthwhile investment and insurance against storms, vandals, and burglars. Some people believe that security film is not necessary, and a waste of money, but if a major storm does ever strike or if someone does attempt to break into your home, you will feel at ease knowing that your windows are protected. No matter how strong your windows are, it’s worth having security window film for the extra barrier of protection that it provides. Give us a call to have security window film installed in your Las Vegas home or business.