Transitional Shades

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Blind Wholesaler is a Las Vegas-based supplier of transitional shades and other window coverings. We can provide the public access to retail shades and blinds at deeply discounted, wholesale rates. This means you can affordably outfit your home or office with transitional shades to create the right ambiance any time of day.

Benefits Of Transitional Shades

No one wants the same thing all the time. Transitional shades allow you to control the amount of light entering any room based on the time of day and your individual preferences. Traditional shades only have two modes: open or closed. Transitional shades are a unique solution that allows you to enjoy everything from sheer, diffused light to complete blackout for total privacy. Whether your filtering needs are minimal, moderate or extreme, transitional shades can deliver. Blind Wholesaler offers them in a variety of colors and styles so you can be sure to find the ideal match for your tastes.

Transitional Shade Installation

The process of selecting and installing the right shades can be overwhelming. Our team of professionals can ease the pressure by supporting you from the selection phase to the installation. We can help you choose the color and style that best complements your home by comparing samples right in your home with the windows you want outfitted. Our professional installers ensure the best fit by providing free in-home estimates and measuring. We then order the transitional shades direct from the factory and can have them installed within one to two weeks. A perfect installation is our priority.

Affordable Prices

No other company in Las Vegas can offer the level of discounts on transitional shades that Blind Wholesaler does. We have been supplying the Las Vegas area with affordable shades since 1993, and we are a leader in both pricing and quality. We make sure our products meet the high highest standards, and can withstand the intense Vegas sun. If you are looking for both affordability and quality when you purchase transitional shades, then look no further than Blind Wholesaler.

Order Your Transition Shades Today

We have built a reputation for commitment to quality and customer service in the Las Vegas area. Let us help you find the best solution for your windows and save money while doing it. Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding transition shades for your home. Call Blind Wholesaler today to get started.