Roller Shades

Drop Shades

At Blind Wholesaler of Las Vegas, we sell roller shades in many styles to meet any budget. You may be debating between shades, faux wood blinds, custom window shutters and more. While style is usually the primary concern for some, you may simply want to find window coverings that block sunlight from entering your home. Window shades keep the prying eyes of nosy neighbors from peering in your windows. Both the style and function of your window coverings are important.

Roller Shades Save You Money

Many people want to find a way to block the damaging, harsh rays of the sun from penetrating into their home or office. Roller shades are a stylish way to minimize the intensity of UV rays that enter your space. This can promote the health of you, your family, and your coworkers or employees. It can also decrease other effects of the sun such as excessive heating of a room, fading of the carpet and furnishings and more. Keeping out the sun can both lower your utility bills and protect interiors from damage.

High-Rise or Commercial Applications

At Blind Wholesaler, we provide many different high rise roller shade solutions in Las Vegas. We offer fabric choices suitable for high-rises, apartments, hotels, doctor’s offices or just about any other commercial property application. With hundreds of fabric choices available, we can help you in selecting the perfect solution for your home or business.

Blackout Roller Shades

If the sunlight is an issue for you, we can help reduce it with fabric choices in a blackout, 1%, or 3% opening. Maybe you have a media room or work a night shift, and you’d like absolutely no light to get in. Let us install a blackout shade with side tracks to completely cover any openings and block out the sun.  We also offer motorized roller shade installation so you can control the atmosphere of the room with the click of a button.

Beautiful Window Treatment

You can combine solar screens with other window coverings to create the perfect layered window covering look that is both trendy and functional. This option is very popular. Create a black-out feature that is ideal for use in media rooms and bedrooms. Add general privacy or ambient lighting control to any room. These shades are affordable and stylish, yet functional. Whether you want something simple and economy like vinyl, the safety of cordless shades, or the functionality of thermal fabric window treatments, there are so many roller shade options available for your space:

  • Room Darkening Roller Shades
  • Solar Shades
  • Natural Roller Shades
  • Architectural Light-Filtering Roller Shades
  • Decorative Roller Shades
  • Designer Roller Shades

Custom Window Shades

Perhaps you simply cannot find the style of window coverings you are looking for at other stores. We can provide custom roller shade options for your home or office. At Blind Wholesaler, we offer dozens of different styles in a wide range of color choices. We have shades to fit the size of almost any window, which makes them an ideal choice for your space.

Quality Window Coverings

Contact Blind Wholesaler for the best selection of roller shades in Las Vegas. Where you shop for shutters, shades, blinds, and window coverings really does make a world of difference in your shopping experience. Blind Wholesaler offers such an extensive selection of options that you can certainly find the exact look you are searching for. We make the buying process fast and easy, and our prices are among the lowest in the Las Vegas area. Contact us today.