Custom Window Screen Printing

Custom Window Screen Printing

For custom screen printing on window tint, contact Blind Wholesaler in Las Vegas. We can print your logo or design on the tint that is applied to your business windows. We’ve been in the window cover industry for 25 years, so we’ve done our research by experience and offer only the highest quality window screen-printing and logo decals at the lowest price possible.

Design Windows With Any Color Graphic Big Or Small

Step up the visibility of your building and find out how smart commercial renovations can make and save you money. Statistically, consumers find stores and offices advertising across the span of available window space more appealing and are more likely to shop at that store opposed to an unmarked poorly advertised establishment. Businesses that would benefit from window decals and custom logos include:

Retail & Curio Shops
Pharmacies & Corner Stores
Dentists or Private Medical Offices
Barber Shops & Beauty Salons
Liquor Stores & Smoke Shops

Turn Heads & Watch The Foot Traffic Filter In

Nevada businesses have greater opportunities when windows are filled with exciting, colorful advertising and promise as to what a new customer might discover inside. Custom printed window shades are the most practical and attractive addition to your business or office. The window tint also acts as a natural cooling agent that can reduce air conditioning costs in the hot desert summer.

Advertise With Your Window Space

When you upgrade the outside of your store, you’re investing in the long-lasting stability and visibility of your establishment. Customized screen-printed shades not only save you money by lowering your overhead utility costs, but it can lead to an increase in customers. These facts alone are reasons for anyone who owns a business with windows to invest in using their windows as a part of the attraction.

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We’re the experts if you need custom screen printing on window tint for your business in Las Vegas. Call Blind Wholesalers today and find out more about how window treatments can boost your business.