5 Tips To Block Out The Las Vegas Sun With Shutters

Shutters In A Las Vegas Home That Are Designed To Block Out The Sun As Needed.

The sun shines bright in beautiful Las Vegas, but there are days when its intensity demands effective measures for sun-blocking. Shutters are a proven solution that effectively keeps out the desert sun while providing an aesthetically appealing interior.

These distinctive window treatments give you superior control over sunlight and heat influx, contributing significantly to indoor comfort in hot climates. Here are five essential tips to block the Las Vegas sun effectively using shutters.

1. Opt For Plantation Shutters For A Versatile Solution

Plantation shutters, a versatile window solution, provide efficient sun blocking. Their wide slats allow easy adjustment, facilitating optimal sunlight control. Whether fully closed or partially opened, plantation shutters can protect against the harsh Las Vegas sunlight without compromising indoor ambiance or privacy.

  • Custom Window Treatment
  • Easy Adjustment For Optimal Shade & Sunlight Control
  • Privacy Assurance With Full Closure
  • Attractive Window Coverings

2. Install Blackout Shutters To Maximize Sun-Blocking

If your goal is to block sunlight completely, consider our DayNite™ shutters. These window treatments are designed to bar all external light for total darkness. Perfect for individuals with light sensitivity or those who require darkness for sleep or work, our DayNite™ blackout shutters effectively combat the intense Las Vegas sun.

  • Total Light Blocking
  • Ideal For Bedrooms, Offices, & Rooms Requiring Darkness
  • Layering Window Treatments

3. Layer Shutters & Blinds For Increased Efficiency

Layering shutters with blinds can yield increased efficiency in sun-blocking. Incorporating this innovative mix ensures double protection against bright sunlight. Mitigating the sun’s intensity is a priority in Las Vegas, and a combination of shutters and blinds can effectively confront this challenge.

  • Double protection against harsh sunlight
  • Creates an effective barrier against sun heat

4. Select Light-Colored Shutters To Reflect Sunlight

Color is a critical factor when choosing shutters for sun-blocking. Light-colored shutters, such as those in white or cream, reflect sunlight away from the room, reducing heat gain. In contrast, dark colors absorb sunlight and increase heat – not ideal in sunny Las Vegas!

Indeed, our high-quality, light-colored shutters, constructed with durable materials, provide superb sun-blocking benefits and simultaneously enhance the aesthetic value of your interiors, offering the perfect blend of functionality and design.

5. Choose Fitted Shutter Styles For Maximum Efficiency

Beyond color, the style of shutters is equally essential. For the sunny climates characteristic of Las Vegas, traditional shutters — also known as West Coast or California shutters — are a popular choice. With their wide louvers, traditional shutters are admirable for their sunlight-controlling capability.

Their expansive design allows for improved airflow and light distribution, ensuring your interior remains cool and well-lit without needing constant adjustments. Available in various colors and finishes, our traditional shutters blend functionality and aesthetic appeal, adding value to any home or office setting.

Get An Effective Solution To Block The Sun In Las Vegas

Taming the Las Vegas sunlight has never been easier. The key lies in choosing or customizing the right shutters, fitted perfectly to maximize their sun-blocking capabilities. At Blind Wholesaler, we provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Whether it’s plantation shutters, blackout shutters, or a combination of shutters with blinds, we have the correct answers to combat the sunny Las Vegas climate. Connect with us today for your customized sun-blocking solutions in Las Vegas.