Bedroom Window Blinds & Shades That Help Improve Sleep

Bedroom Window Blinds &Amp; Shades That Help Improve Sleep

We have all had days when we tried to sleep in, but the sun forced us awake. You might have even had times when street lights shone through your windows and kept you up late. If you haven’t been getting quality sleep lately, what’s on your bedroom windows may be contributing to your problem. Luckily, installing room-darkening window blinds or shades offers a simple way to help you fall asleep naturally.

Alarming Effects On Heart Rate

Doctors already know that exposure to daylight triggers physiological changes in the body. For example, sunlight turns on your sympathetic nervous system, which increases your heart rate and the force with which your heart contracts. This system keeps you alert and oxygenated blood pumping through your veins so you can face whatever the day throws at you.

Less Light Equals A Lower Heart Rate At Night

While the sympathetic nervous system takes control during the day, the parasympathetic system is supposed to take over at night. The parasympathetic nervous system lowers your heart rate as it repairs and recharges your body as you sleep. However, the results of a Northwestern University study indicate that participants’ parasympathetic systems didn’t activate when they slept in moderately lit rooms. The light robbed them of full, restorative sleep.

Light’s Invisible Tax On Your Body

Researchers at Northwestern University also found higher insulin resistance in participants who slept in moderately lit rooms. When your body is insulin resistant, the cells in your muscles and liver can’t use the glucose in your blood for energy. Your pancreas produces more insulin to compensate, and your blood sugar (glucose) levels go up over time. The researchers note that the combination of insulin resistance and other cardiovascular symptoms puts these participants at risk for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease.

Healthy Psychological Benefits Of Darkness

Darkness at night supports a healthy circadian rhythm. Though the exact timing and pace vary from person to person, the biological functions and triggers are the same for everyone. Darkness cues your body to produce melatonin – a chemical that lowers your body temperature and helps you feel relaxed and sleepy. When your body senses light, it stops melatonin production and triggers a cascade of signals that makes you wake up.

Even A Little Light Makes A Difference

The participants in the Northwestern University study had no idea how a moderate amount of light was affecting their bodies at night. Their brains, however, told a different story. When studied directly, the participants’ brains behaved like someone who had light, broken sleep. This data is one more piece of evidence that proves how essential darkness is for natural, restful sleep.

Affordable Window Treatments For A Better Night’s Sleep

When it comes to window shades, thicker fabrics in darker colors block out more light than lighter, thinner ones. For blinds, look for wide slats that cover your windows with fewer cracks for light to seep through. If you want a light color or thin material for your bedroom, like pastel roller shades or bamboo blinds, you can add a privacy or blackout liner to get the light control you need without changing your décor.

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Understanding how light affects our sleep patterns helps people thrive as cities expand and nights become brighter. If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Blind Wholesaler to find window blinds and shades that will help you get a better night’s sleep. Our experts will bring the store to you and help you choose the best window treatments for your bedroom.