Energy-Efficient Window Coverings For Big Savings

Energy Efficient Shades Lv

Save big on your Las Vegas home’s utility bills with energy-efficient window coverings from Blind Wholesaler. Covering your windows reduces the amount of energy lost through them, keeping more of that precious warmth or coolness inside. Let’s help you find window treatments that fit your lifestyle, home decor, and comfort-levels for year-round savings.

Customize Your Comfort Level

These blinds, shades, and shutters aren’t just engineered to keep your home at a consistent temperature but also to be beautiful and customizable. Our energy-efficient window treatments are flexible enough to grant you control over the levels of light, privacy, and solar protection you want.

Staying Warm During Las Vegas Winters

We may not be known for our freezing blizzards and snowstorms, but as many Vegas Valley residents know, you can’t underestimate how fast the temperatures drop on a winter night in the desert. Did you know that a home can lose up to 30% of its heating energy through the windows?

  • Insulating window treatments trap air, creating a second barrier that keeps inside temperatures consistently cozy. Shutters are great at this since they’re installed tightly into the window frame and have fewer gaps than other treatments.
  • Roman and cellular shades are also popular choices because they offer excellent insulation in a virtually endless range of colors and patterns to enhance your home’s interior design.

Shades That Help You Beat The Heat

It’s estimated that more than 3/4 of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters the building as heat. When you live somewhere like Las Vegas that gets unbearably hot in the summer, heat- and light-blocking window treatments are an affordable way to lower the temperature indoors and ease the burden on your AC system.

  • Manufacturers engineer high-tech fabrics to block out heat, glare, and UV rays.
  • Horizontal blinds also reduce solar heat by reflecting sunlight either out the window or up onto a light-colored ceiling where it diffuses over the entire room. The latter method allows you to leverage natural daylight as ambient lighting while minimizing the amount of heat that comes in.

Cover Your Las Vegas Windows Today

Find energy-efficient blinds, shades, and shutters in Las Vegas. Schedule an in-home consultation with us today to explore your options and unlock a world of savings.