Window Coverings For Oddly Shaped Windows

Odd Shape Window Covering

Blinds, shades, or shutters can be difficult to install on oddly shaped windows. Here at Blind Wholesaler, we thrive on providing our customers with the window coverings they need, whatever their shape or size. We provide high-quality materials for your home or business at wholesale prices factory-direct to you. Our company has been providing superior quality window treatment options since 1993.

Flattering Coverings For Unique & Special Shapes

  • Elliptical
  • Circle
  • Half Circle
  • Half Chord
  • Full Arch Head
  • Half Arch Head
  • Octagon
  • Pentagon
  • Triangle

We Come To You For A Custom Fit

We will visit your home, take measurements of your windows and make the correct size, color, and fit of your blinds, shades, or shutters. Our team of professionals will discuss the best option for your specially shaped window. Custom coverings will be made for you. This way, your oddly shaped window coverings will complement your existing décor.

An Array Of Materials For Indoor Shutters

If you have shutters installed, you can choose from real wood, PVC, Vinyl, Polywood, or faux wood. There are many vibrant colors to choose from. You can also choose traditional wood stains, such as oak or walnut if you prefer.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Discounts

Shades are typically the least expensive, depending on the fabric chosen as a covering. Shutters are likely to be your more expensive option, but everything is at a wholesale price. When you do business with us, the factory-direct prices are passed on to you for specialty blinds, shades, and shutters.

Elevate Your Windows With Elegance

When choosing between traditional and plantation shutters, the traditional shutters initially cost less and do have more narrow louvers. These may be better suited to oddly shaped windows in tighter spaces. Plantation shutter options are more costly in initial outlay, yet they work well in both homes and offices. Blinds are available in both aluminum and wood.

Ask About Automation For Hard-to-Reach Windows

Your oddly shaped window may be positioned at a hard-to-reach height. In this case, motorized or automated coverings may be beneficial. This allows you to automate the shutter’s or blind’s opening and closing with a timer. Ask our team members whether these options can work for you.

Call Us For A Free Estimate

Let us quote you our wholesale prices for your oddly shaped windows. Besides great prices, we’ve got great info on customizing with automation. Call us at Blind Wholesaler in Las Vegas, for your free quote.