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Real Estate Blinds

If you’re a property manager or real estate professional looking for blinds, shades, and shutters for your properties, look no further than Blind Wholesaler in Las Vegas. The Vegas Valley is a competitive real estate market. Properties for rent or sale need to look their best to attract buyers and keep renters. Give your single homes and multifamily units the edge with options and customization you aren’t going to find in any big box store.

We regularly supply high-quality window treatments to all types of developers, builders, and real estate professionals in Nevada.

  • Real Estate Professionals & House Stagers
  • Property Managers — Condos, Apartments & Townhouses
  • House Flippers, Fix & Flip Properties
  • Las Vegas Area Developers & Builders
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investors

Residential Blinds For Real Estate Professionals & House Stagers

Getting a house ready to sell can be an ordeal. You want to attract the right buyer without investing too much of your final profits. Where can you find a resource that’s affordable yet flexible when it comes to the types and sizes of window coverings you need? At Blind Wholesaler, you get wholesale prices shipped direct and on-site consultation services.

That means no more removing slats, hiding unsuitably sized blinds with curtains, or settling for roller shades when what you really want is plantation shutters for a particular property. You get an idea of how your blinds, shades, or shutters will look before they arrive and can choose to customize them the way you want.

Shades & Shutters For Property Managers — Condos, Apartments & Townhouses

Your property management company most likely switches out window treatments between tenants. Is this because you keep investing in the same cheap blinds again and again? Landlords, get your money’s worth and plenty of mileage out of blinds, shades, and shutters built for the wear and tear of rental properties.

We can suggest our most popular hard-wearing options and take care of the measuring and installation. HOA companies love the convenience of knowing we can cover windows quickly with quality products. Once you get the right look and fit, reorders are easy with us.

Quality Economic Blinds For House Flippers, Fix & Flip Properties

We understand that house flipping and fix and flip investments are about property rehab, not draining your funds. Finding blinds, shades, and shutters at the right price shouldn’t cost you excess in time or money. Let our window treatment company come to you and help you find only what you need to get your doors and windows covered and your property on the market.

Commercial Quality Window Covers For Las Vegas Area Developers & Builders

We are a developer’s favorite resource throughout the Vegas Valley. We can help you put the finishing touches on model homes, create unique designs for custom homes, and offer affordable options in income-friendly developments. Our blinds, shades, and shutters can add a touch of luxury while helping you watch that bottom line.

High Quality and Durable Blinds For Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investors

Mixed-use properties and retail units need blinds, shades, and shutters too. We can help you offer custom-sized shades, shutters in hues that compliment the rest of the development, and cost-friendly, eco-friendly blinds. Why leave windows as an afterthought when they can be an asset to your residential or commercial real estate investments?

Order Commercial Grade Window Treatments In Las Vegas

Don’t let big box store offerings limit you or cheap, corner-cutting construction cost you. Find out why so many Las Vegas property managers and real estate professionals rely on Blind Wholesaler. Contact us today to schedule your convenient, in-house consultation.