How Much Do Smart Blinds Cost?

How Much Do Smart Blinds Cost?

Imagine opening the blinds every morning without having to crawl out of bed. Motorized shades have been around for a while. But now that you can control them with your smartphone and voice, they’re more convenient than ever. But how much do smart blinds cost and are they worth it?

What Are Smart Blinds?

At their core, smart blinds are motorized window coverings that you can adjust with a button press or even your voice. Some models come with a WiFi-connected remote that controls the window treatments.

Costs Of Motorized Blinds

The final estimate for your smart shades depends on several factors. Most are things you’d need to consider with traditional custom blinds, like elements of the window treatments themselves and the characteristics of your windows. It’s also important not to forget extra costs like installation fees as well as the hardware and software needed to run your smart shades.

  • Type Of Window Treatment You Choose
  • Separate Smart Hub Or App
  • Material Window Coverings Are Made Of: Wood, Vinyl, Fabric, Etc
  • Size, Number, & Shape Of Windows
  • Cost Of Professional Installation
  • Type Of Motor You Select: Battery, Plug-In, Or Hard-Wired

An Example Cost Breakdown Of Automated Shade Systems

Consider investing more now to buy a quality motor that will save you money, time, and stress in the future. You should also carefully weigh the trade-offs you’ll make between materials, such as expense vs. durability. Please note that the material estimates listed below are based on a reasonably standard 36-inch by 48-inch window.

  • Battery-Powered Motors Start At $270
  • Installation: $35-75 per window
  • Aluminum Mini Blinds: $25-$85 per set
  • Vinyl Mini Blinds: $25-$120 per set
  • Faux Wood Blinds: $30-$120 per set
  • Wood Blinds: $50-$175 per set
  • Roman Shades: $100-$300 per shade
  • Cellular/Honeycomb Shades: $50-$100 per shade
  • Solar Shades: $30-$100 per shade

Compatible With Your Home Automation System

Many models are compatible with popular automation systems. They can be programmed to automatically adjust on set schedules or based on certain lighting conditions.

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Control4
  • Somfy Tahoma
  • Lutron Homeworks
  • Apple Homekit

Beautiful, Functional Window Treatments

Smart shades offer the same benefits as other window treatments: privacy, energy efficiency, UV, and light reduction. Like their old-fashioned cousins, smart shades also come in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles.

You won’t have to compromise your home or office’s aesthetic to enjoy modern convenience.

The Convenience & Safety Of Automated Blinds

The sheer convenience smart shades offer creates a nearly infinite number of reasons to buy them. Frequent travelers will love programmable blinds’ security benefits. Opening and closing on their own create the illusion that someone’s in the office while you’re away.

  • No Chord Safety Risks For Children Or Animals
  • Use Your Smartphone Or Tablet To Adjust Shades Manually
  • Program A Schedule For Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Access High Windows More Easily
  • Home Automation Tie-In For Amazon Alexa, Google Home, & Apple HomeKit

Get In Touch With A Las Vegas Blinds Expert

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